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Casarmonia in Vicenza is responsible for all aspects necessary and useful to the owners for the management and care of their ordinary and extraordinary real estate, extending its activities to cases of restructuring or extraordinary measures.

It made ​​a historical database, continuously updated, which collects all the management data classified by year, so that customers always know exactly the costs and why.

It can also tackle and manage the annual or monthly rental for customers who are interested.

  1. Property administrators updated to the new reform of the condominium (approved by the Senate November 20, 2012)
  2. Building management
  3. Postal domicile and Administration of Bills
  4. Check and maintenance of the systems
  5. Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance work coordination
  6. Heating and conditioning remote control
  7. Taxes, Technical building consulting
  8. Security and Insurance services
  9. Cleaning
  10. Garden Maintenance/ planning
  11. Pool maintenance/ planning
  12. Update and check of cadastral rents
  13. Consumption save planning
  14. New forinture and restoration planning
  15. Indoor anc outdoor Feng Shui planning
  16. Second house rental
  17. Creation of historical building data base
  18. Solution of electromagnetic pollution
  19. Notaries pratices assistance
  20. Support retainers with construction
  21. Other services on demand

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